07-08-2012 /
Shri. Raviraj

Lalit Kalakshetra tries to bridge the gap between the music of the concert halls and daily life.

Music is designed, like the other arts, to absorb entirely our mental attention. Its emotional charge imbedded in a challenging texture. The consious mind and follows joygully in the wake of the composer's invention, playing with the themes as with a ball, extricating the important from the unimportant detail, changing course with each change of the gamaka, sensitively reflecting each new colour modulation of the subtlest instrumental palette.

Music demands an alert mind of intellectual capacity, but it is far from being an intellectual exercise. The power of music is so great and at the same time so direct that it can be used to train young minds to use music in their life.

Lalit Kalakshetra contemporarises the carnatic music education and is based on intensive research experience in music education for 20 years. The process of music and the process of life will always be closely conjoined. Lalit Kalakshetra - "is an institution dedicated to generate an awareness in the younger generation that music is not merely a fine art for recreation but a powerful tool to bring about an expressive meaning of life. Lalit Kalakshetra trains a student in all aspects of Music - Practical, Theoritical and Cross-cultural through its music education training. The broad based musicianship course is built on the innovative exercises combining the tonal and rhythmic nuances of the world's music cultures. This forms a thorough foundation for Classical Indian (Carnatic and Hindustani), Western, Film and other types of Music.


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