07-08-2012 /
Shri. Raviraj

Duration :
Full Time - 4 Months
Part Time - 6 Months

Textile Design is the process of creating designs for Woven, Knitted or Printed fabrics.


Syllabus :

  • Understanding Design
  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Colour and Composition
  • Design from inspiration
  • Motif, Repeat, Pattern & Texture
  • Repeat: Full, Half drop, Side, Inverted, and Rotated, Informal, Compound Drop
  • Pattern: Brick, Diamond, Ogee, Tossed, Stripe, Turnover, Turnaround, Counterchange, Diaper, Border and Interlacing
  • 2D Design -Designs for Children wear, Women’s wear, Mens wear and Saree Design
  • Fabric Painting
  • Silk Painting
  • Basic Textile Design for weaving & Printing
  • Method of Printing, Dyeing and Sewing
  • Dobby and Jacquard Designs
  • Screen Printing, Block Printing
  • Batik, Tie & Dye
  • Project: Visualization


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