07-08-2012 /
Shri. Raviraj

Duration : 6 Months

Interior Design is a social activity - it brings people together, allows us to communicate our ideas more effectively and to share our interests in a creative way. Inspiration and imagination are the first key steps to starting your study.

  • Introduction, Drawing Materials, Elements and Principles of Design, Freehand sketches, Geometrical models, Geometrical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Technical Drawing - Isometric, Orthographic Projection, Perspective, Human figure, Human Dimensions, Inking and Tracing, Shading techniques, Colour and its characteristics, colour theory, Colouring. Drawing details of Stairs, different types of lintel and arches.
  • Building Components; Building Materials.
  • Drawing details of a single room - Drawing plan, Elevation, Section with aid of line diagrams, layout and detailing.
  • Furniture design
  • Varnishing and Polishing
  • Drawing details of water pipelines, Electrical fittings, house drainage etc
  • Lighting, Colour renderings
  • Project : Making models


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