07-08-2012 /
Shri. Raviraj

What makes a Bharathanatyam dancer successful?
No matter how much we talk of Bharathanatyam today being a devotional art, it is only rarely that the inherent spirituality of the form, the mysticism of the scriptures as conveyed through mudras and music, becomes visible. To relate to the spiritual essence without allowing the dance technique to disintegrate into a mash of feeling is not easy.

Job Prospects:
As for career options, the field has really opened up in recent times. There are several Government and non-Government endowments for performing, artistes; Students can apply for scholarships and grants both for study & travel.

Teaching - both privately and in institutions is always an option.

With the steadily increasing interest in Indian Culture worldwide, there are many opportunities for young dancers to teach and perform abroad, and to function as cultural emissaries at festivals and conferences.

For those who wish to become involved with other entertainment forms such as Cinema and Television, there are guilds and academies which help individual artistes liaise with the film industry.

There is no substitute for hard work. You have to trust in yourself. Hurdles will be there, but you should be prepared to cross them without any regrets. There may be short cuts to popularity, but not to excellence, and sooner for later the public will judge the difference.


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